CITYkeys provides a validated, holistic performance measurement framework for monitoring and comparing the implementation of Smart City solutions, with the objective of speeding up  the transition to low carbon, resource-efficient cities.


CITYkeys performance measurement framework


Based on the inventory of indicators from 43 existing indicator frameworks, a set of indicators for assessing smart city projects and smart city performance has been designed for CITYkeys (download). New indicators have been suggested to fill gaps in existing frameworks, mostly related to specific characteristics of smart city projects.


The resulting indicator selection responds to the wishes of cities and citizens for the coverage of their priorities and reflects city goals. CITYkeys has collaborated with TRIANGULUM, REMOURBAN and SMARTER TOGETHER 'lighthouse' project consortia to develop the indicator selection.


The indicators are arranged in an extended triple bottom line sustainability framework, including the themes people, planet, prosperity, governance and propagation, and completed with specific smart city indicators. Under the main themes, subthemes conforming to major policy ambitions have been identified.


Under these subthemes in total 92 project indicators and 73 city indicators have been selected (all three sets of indicators are available here)

  • The indicators for assessing smart city projects (preview/download) serve to assess or evaluate single projects. They indicate the difference the project has made, by comparing the situation without the project with the situation after the implementation of the project. As such they can also serve to benchmark projects against each other.

  • The indicators for smart cities (preview/download) focus on monitoring the evolution of a city towards an even smarter city. The time component -“development over the years”- is an important feature. The city indicators  may be used to show to what extent overall policy goals have been reached, or are within reach.

All indicators have been described in detail, with an indication of expected data sources. As such the indicators are ready for use. The first use of the indicator sets was in the testing of the indicators in smart city projects or cases in the CITYkeys partner cities.



Prototype tool


In this frame, CITYkeys developed a demo tool for cities and projects to test smart city solutions locally implemented. The research prototype can be accessed at To use it, use the following credentials:


username: demo - password: demo


Should you need any support, or wish to send us your comments and feedbacks, do not hesitate to contact our team.


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