ESPRESSO strengthens collaboration on the European standardisation for smart cities

In its final phase, the ESPRESSO project opens up to a wider community of smart city stakeholders.


ETSI creates City Digital Profile group on smart cities

ETSI is pleased to announce the creation of a new Industry Specification Group “City Digital Profile” (ISG CDP) that will help accelerate the delivery of integrated citizen services and provide a technology road map for city leaders who will benefit from standardized solutions from their suppliers.


CEN-CENELEC-ETSI conference: 'Cities set standards to be smarter and more sustainable'

How to replicate smart city solutions? Are standards the right tools for cities? Can the European Standardization Organizations be part of the cities' journey towards a smart and sustainable future? On 19 October 2017, the CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Sector Forum on 'Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities' will organise in Brussels a one-day event with keynotes, case-studies and panel discussions to identify needs and priorities for cities.