CITYkeys delivers final Handbook for Cities on Performance Measurement

CITYkeys new handbook explains why a city should have a performance measurement framework and process in place. It introduces CITYkeys work towards building the first framework with a specific European approach treating 'smart city' objectives and projects in a holistic, yet flexible, manner.


The CITYkeys project ran from February 2015 to January 2017, and this handbook, along with the ‘CITYkeys experience: recommendations from cities to cities’ guidebook, aims to help urban practitioners and experts create and run a performance measurement system.


The present handbook, entitled ‘Handbook for cities on performance measurement’, gathers material from the whole project and its deliverables and aspires to be the entry point to the work and the more technical deliverables of CITYkeys.


It will:
•    Explain why a city should have a performance measurement framework and process in place;
•    Describe how such a framework can be built and used;
•    Give recommendations on policy and decision-making issues;
•    Identify business models related to performance measurement;
•    Explain how indices and benchmarking work


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CITYkeys performance measurement framework is an open exercise, also based on open standards and formats so hat cities can fully or partially apply the CITYkeys Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and architecture.


Please use it and share with us your experience. Do not hesitate to contact the project’s team, should you wish to get any additional information.